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Crowley Lake Fishing Report, September 5, 2016

The North Arm (NA) is still the spot to catch fish in good numbers. Lots of midge hatches during the morning hours, tapering off, then you'll see another hatch or two around noon hour, and so forth. The morning bite was hot this past Friday and amazing, as the midges swirled around the Trucha Fly Fishing Machine. The indicators kept going under for the anglers a good 40 minutes. Lots of the first (freshman) and second year (sophomore) catchables biting the midge fly's. We are not seeing as many Trophy Biggs to the net, as we did, the past two weeks. But you never know when that next takedown will be that Trophy trout. No complaints here watching the indicator go under, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

Algae is still present but not a factor. The surface water temps are in the mid 60's. The water is definitely cooler and the weather is definitely changing. A hint of fall is in the air. Colder mornings in the low 40's, and the weather forecast is calling for cooler weather for the days to follow.

All the fish caught are showing plump stomachs, and some are starting to look like an NFL football. They are keyed in on the midges, the perch fry, and remaining damsel nymphs. Fishing action has been real good in 12 to 15 feet, and in the shallows 6 to 8 feet. Stripping action has picked up for the float tubers so now is a good time fish your favorite stripping fly's.

The usual stuff doing the damage these days. The blood midge patterns, copper tiger, perch fry imitations, gray, black, etc. We've had some days where every midge pattern and color tied on got action. When the bite shuts off, go to your "batting line up" Angler's and bring in the next hitter.

We'll see what the month of September brings us. I'll be checking the other fishing zones soon. It's time for the action to heat up at the Hilton's, Leighton Springs, Sandy Point, and McGee again.

I have some openings for the month of September so call now and book a guide trip. The fishing has been very good to excellent exciting! 

Check out the pics of anglers recently on the Trucha Fly Fishing Machine and fish brought to the net.

Another Double hitter to the net! A 21 inch brown and a 19 inch Bow.

Mr. Bob W., on the Trucha Fly Fishing Machine getting into some Epic Trucha action. Here is one of many fish landed.

Took a day off to pursue the Sacto Perch that inhabit Crowley. Love these fish for many reasons. A great contributor to the Crowley eco system, and food chain!

Nice Brownie to the net, Muy Bonito! For sure.

Mr. Nasario, aka Naz, came to the Eastern Sierra, Crowley Lake, for his first time ever, to experience his first time ever fishing with a fly rod. Mr. Naz is a resident from Compton, CA, and it was real pleasure introducing him to the fly fishing lifestyle. Mr. Naz caught on so very quick, a real testament to the fact that fly fishing is not as difficult as it may seem. Lots of exciting angling, lots of fun and laughter. Saludos Naz!!

Check out this thick, girthy Cutthroat female.  NFL football?

Mr. Larry G., back on the Machine. Mr. Intensity on the fly rod. We don't want no stinkin Daphnia...LOL, inside joke!

Special Lady Angler Mrs. Shirley R., posing for the first ever with a Crowley Lake Trophy, a 21 inch Cutty.. Excellent job handling the fish for your Kodak moment Shirley.

One more time with this 22 inch Brown. There was a Trophy Bow that we were unable to pose with as the big fish jumped out of the net before we could take the pic.

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