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Crowley Lake Fishing Report, September 10, 2019

A hint of the fall season is definitely upon us now with cooler morning temperatures. Rain storms hit the area the first week of September. As of this report, the morning temps are expected to drop into the mid 30's. The weather gauge rises around 9am and it gets very warm to hot into the late afternoon.

The lake water level has dropped a good eight to ten feet in past couple weeks but with an all time high in water volume this year the level still remains high. The water temps will start to get cooler. There is algae floating at the higher depths and less of the stuff as you move in shallower to select your fishing spots. The water becomes very clear and cooler in most areas where streams feed into the lake such as McGee Bay (McGee creek) and the North Arm (Upper Owen's river).

McGee Bay continues to be the area of fishing choice for most anglers. There is good fishing in other areas on the lake that have not seen very much boat and float tuber pressure. For those of us that have chosen to break away from McGee at times you will be rewarded with better action. At McGee you have all the options of fishing in deep, medium, or shallow water depths. You pretty much will be clear of any weed bed structure in the deeper water (18 to 25 feet) levels. There are consistent numbers of fish cruising in this depth with some occasional trophy size fish being caught. In the medium depths you will see weed bed bottom structure and defined weed bed lines. In the shallow water there is limited open fishing spots. You need to locate those open spots and drop your fly offerings in and along the surrounding weed lines.

I love fishing the shallows and seeing that indicator go under! You get a great view or flash of the fishes body as it explodes trying to break off your fly. It is epic to see the surface water burst and blast from the angry hooked trout. So exciting and thrilling to see and experience this as you hold on to a seriously bent fly rod feeling every pull, head shake, run and crash into the weed beds! The strength of these Crowley lake trout is just amazing. The fish are on steroids and proteined out! 5 star excitement for sure!

At the North Arm the options are the same but working your way into the medium and shallow water fishing zones takes much more attentive navigating to find open fishing water. If you boat straight through the weed beds expect your propeller to get clogged up!

With micro to regular size midge hatches, damsel, callibaetis, and some may fly hatches on occasion, the go to midge patterns continue to be the copper tigers, blood midges, zebras and other midges in grays, black, tans and olive colors. Your bigger fly presentation should include damsel, perch fry, callibaetis patterns, such as the Sierra Drifters Assassin (dark or light), bird's nest or flashback pheasant tails. Step out of the box if the fish aren't biting and tie on a San Juan worm or a huge leech pattern and you may be rewarded with some hoggs!

We have just over seven weeks remaining in the 2019 season here at the Crowley Lake Fish Camp. I have open dates remaining that will get booked soon so contact me if you are interested in booking a guide trip.

Thanks for reading this report! Check out photos of angler's recently on the Trucha Fly Fishing Machine II. "TFFGS, always keepin it reel!"

This monster brown hit the tape at 23 inches. The girth made this fish look so much bigger. It was a beast and beauty!

A side profile to appreciate the size and weight of this big Crowley brown. The take was extremely suttle, the hook set was extremely aggressive and quick, the angry explosive blast out of the water by this brown was exhilarating! What a run, so far into the reels backing. Thank you Mr. German Brown!

Shirley Ritchie enjoyed an epic battle with this trophy bow that hit the tape just over 22 inches. High fives Shirley!

Mr. Hudson, aka the Hud man loves fly fishing on the Trucha Fly Fishing Machine II. Here is a nice girthy 23 inch cutty.

The Hud Man battling another athletic trout.

Hud really knows how to enjoy his time on the water. Catching fish and smoking those Cubano's. Life is good Huddy!

Beginner enthusiast Mr. Dave Lagos and his lovely wife Beverly were back on the Trucha Fly Fishing Machine II for only there third fly fishing experience. Both enjoyed a nice day with good action!

Mr. Rick Vigil enjoyed some very good action and here is a long skinny among the days catch.

Long time Eastern Sierra resident Roy Angeles with a nice thick bow to go along with good numbers brought to the net.

The winter fall season is starting to show here at Crowley. It is definitely getting cooler.

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