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Crowley Lake Fishing Report, September 1, 2017

Still fishing in the shallows (5 to 8 feet) these days. We have so many options as to how deep you want to fish. The shallows, medium water (9 to 14 feet), or deep waters (15 to 24 feet). It is what I'm calling the "2017 Crowley Lake Phenomenon." The volume of water is just incredible....awesome to see! The whole fishing dynamic has changed this season. Case in point, last season if you were fishing in a zone let's say that was 12 feet in depth. That same spot today, is actually 24 feet deep. If the depth last season was 16 feet, this season it is 32 feet. 

We are getting some good action in the shallows hanging meaty offerings in the form of damsel nymph patterns and perch fry patterns. We'll have moments of flurry bite action, then shut off periods. You gotta switch up the various patterns and colors, or just flat out pull up your anchors and move. The fish are on the constant move. Fishing in and around the channels is a very wise fishing post. 

The areas to target continue to be McGee Bay, Crooked Creek, Little Hilton and more recently, the North Arm. At McGee you'll catch all three species of the Crowley trout. At Crooked you'll catch lots of big Cutthroats and an occasional brown. Little Hilton is a good choice for that indicator to go under with mostly the smaller models doing the munching. At the North Arm you will get mostly all rainbows, with a rare brown in the mix. To my surprise, there is a huge population of Perch roaming the North Arm water. Normally these perch would be in deeper water suspended in the middle thermocline column. However, this is the 2017 Phenomenon! I just wonder if they might have another spawn in them? We have been catching some nice size perch with our trout rig offerings. In case you didn't know, these cherished rascals eat their own.

There are so many other areas to scout out. I will be doing my usual recon of those fishing zones as time allows. On the hunt for fish! Yesterday I found that weed beds at Leighton were up to 18 feet, and the same for spots along the Green Banks. There is an algae bloom at the Green Banks towards the Upper Owens mouth. You will find clearer water along the channel flow. The North Landing is also deep and there are some fish but nothing to get excited about yet. Alligator also showed a fish here and there but nothing notable to drop anchor. Christmas Bay also showed similar fish markings. 

My afternoon, early evening fishing outings have been very productive at Crooked Creek and McGee bay, weather and winds allowing. I am available for these evening guide trips on an hourly basis. Please call, text or email me if you are interested.

Here are some pics of anglers/clients on the Trucha Fly Fishing Machine past couple of weeks.

First time ever on a fly rod and at Crowley Lake, Lady Angler Alexandria Ohnemus with her very first fish ever caught with the fly rod.  A 22 inch Cutthroat. Can you believe it...spectacular!

Alex showing how to hold that fly rod when battling the Crowley Lake athletic trout. Pound for pound, some of the baddest TRUCHA in any water!

Mr. Mike Schwiebert on board the Machine for his first time ever on Crowley. Bigg Trophy size bow out of the North Arm.

Mike's buddy Jim Martinez also a first timer on Crowley battled this brown beauty and other trophy size Hoggs! Epic day for these two gents!

Who is that masked man! Young Jake Holt showing off one of many Hoggs he brought to the net.

Trucha Lady fly fishing angler Margarita showing some Trophy size Cutty's brought to the net during an evening trip. This was one 22 incher of several.

Check out this Bigg Badd Bow caught during the early evening!

A beautiful and colorful 21 inch Brown caught at McGee during the evening.

A smaller but beautifully spotted brown. One of many brought to the net during the evening.

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