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Crowley Lake Fishing Report, August 5, 2019

The summertime weather continues in the Eastern Sierra. The mornings are cool enough for light jackets then it heats up by mid morning.

The hot epic July bite has cooled off for the start of August. The big numbers of fish to the net has tapered off but we are still enjoying flurries of action here and there. The high pressure weather these days has affected the trout forage. The water temps are high in the low 70's. There is some surface algae present along with clumps of weed bed vines floating on or near the surface that will prevent your fly's from reaching bottom into the fish target zone if you don't pay attention to your lines.

The high water volume in the lake allows for fishing at all depth levels from very deep (20 to 25 feet) to medium depth (14 to 19 feet) and shallow depth (4 to 13 feet). The weed beds are up to 12 feet in most of the McGee Bay fishing zones and especially clogging up most of the shallow area. You have to look around and locate open spots outside of weed beds in the shallows and you will get action. The same is true for the medium water especially if you opt to stay away from the fleet which is "always" my first choice! Once you hit the deeper water you have much less bottom weed growth and more area to drop anchors. It all comes down to your choice of leader length and what you want to deal with. The longer the rig leader the more difficult or challenging it is to cast. There are several casting methods to exercise in order to get those long leaders out for fishing. My choice these days for clients is to target the medium and shallow zones. The medium water rig is much more manageable to cast for most anglers. The shallower water leader is a joy and much more conducive to teaching fly fish casting methods especially to first timers and beginners.

I always love when an angler who has never, ever fly fished, cast's their line, sets the indicator take down, fights and lands the trout, then soaks in all the excitement of the epic new experience. PRICELESS! 

Trucha Fly Fishing Guide Service takes tremendous pride in the fact that I have taught a large number of first timers the A,B,C's of fly fishing and the ever popular Stillwater fly fishing technique aka "midging", indicator (bobber) fishing. As I always state and preach, "fly fishing is not as difficult as one might believe." Don't hesitate, come fly fish! 

The go to fly choices these days include the copper tiger, blood midges in the morning and sometimes throughout the day. Mix in the grays, black and brown or tan pattern midges once the midge hatch starts to go off. My top fly choices include your damsel, perch fry or callibaetis imitations. I have openings for August and they are getting booked with last minute decisions from anglers and Eastern Sierra vacationers to fish the ever popular Crowley Lake, home of the Trophy Trout!

Thanks for reading this latest update. Check out these "Kodak" moments of clients on recent guide trips.

Mr. Dennis Flaherty on his first time ever fly fishing experience made possible by good man Hudson McCray. Dennis had never caught a cutthroat much less on a fly rod. Well looky here! BOOM! 23 inch colorful cutt. Dennis also stated this was the biggest fish he had ever Caught...Epic Dennis!

Great local outdoor enthusiast Hudson back on the Trucha Fly Fishing Machine II. Always a blast having Mr. Huddy on board!

Check out this family affair guide trip. Dad Justin Holt had a great day rippin into some Crowley trout athletes! Trucha boom time!

Daughter Summer Holt also represented big time for the girls! Young lady Crowley angler's rock...Fo Sho! Way to fly fish Summer!

And son Sawyer Holt displayed his young fly fishing skills with this trophy size bow. High fives Holt FAM! I be diggin those shades Sawyer!

This excited and enthusiastic angler, David Kidd gets my vote for biggest smile of the 2019 season. Righteous bendo David!

One of many David brought to the Trucha net. David was keen and super quick on the most subtle grabs. Beautiful brown!

David's dad John made it all possible and stuck some of his own. Special times!

Cliff Wictorin back on the Machine with his buddy Bill Stalling for their annual trips.

Bill with another Trophy bow.

Todd Tyler had a fun time and here is a very nice sample of the numerous browns being caught these day's. Is it a german brown or a leopard brown? Crowley produces some awesome looking fish! 

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