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Crowley Lake Fishing Report, August 27, 2019

The heatwave weather has been the pattern for August so far. The high pressure has affected the bite and water temps. Overall, the bite is not as hot as the summertime heat. The lake water level has stopped rising and in the past two weeks has actually gone down at least four feet. That being said, the lake is still at an all time amazing high. The water surface temps are in the low 70's throughout most of the lake and the stringy algae is present on the surface in most fishing areas. The water is significantly clearer from twelve feet and in shallower.

Fish are definitely present in all fly fishing depths but the action is slow overall. On occasion, depending on fishing spot selection, you can be the beneficiary of an active and good bite. Little Hilton and McGee Bay have been the target zones lately with some feeding action at the North Arm. The weed beds are still clogging up most traditional fishing spots in the shallow and medium depth zones so you have to find open areas in between those weed beds. Dropping anchors in the open spots can result with some productive action and a few trophy size trout. Hanging perch fry imitations, damsel or callibaetis imitations will get you some explosive grabs from thick trophy size hoggs! Fishing the deeper zone like 20 to 25 feet is pretty much weed bed free and a good number of fish are still showing on the sonar. Sliding indicator rigs are necessary in the medium to deep zone depths unless you opt for a non-slider approach and just hang that long leader at the target depth waiting to feel the hit (grab). The perch fry are abundant and a major part of the trout menu these days. The fry are in and around the weed beds trying to survive and grow. Stripping wet fly's is getting the trout's attention and good action. A great option when the midging technique is just not getting it!

We'll see what develops in the coming days and weeks as we start to approach the month of September and into our fall season. You never knownfrom one day to the next what the bite will be like here at Crowley. We will keep you informed!

I did some Trucha lake recon/scouting on August 19th at McGee Bay. We had an improved steady bite in the shallows right around the 11am hour. In the mix of fish brought to the net we landed several trophy size bows and two were in the 22 inch class. Exciting results for August! the following day I spent the morning and afternoon scouting Alligator, Leighton Springs then the Green Banks zone into the mouth. I marked lots of fish on the sonar in all these zones. I fished Leighton Springs and caught fish. All rainbows. At the North Arm the weed beds are prevalent and as high as 20 feet. I worked my way through the thick and abundant weed beds into the 10 to 12 foot area. You must find open spots in order to drop anchors and fish. I caught mid size fish in the middle of the day using perch fry imitations and midge patterns. All the fish were rainbows. The weed beds are thick in this area for sure. It's going to be very good action once these weed beds start to die down.

Check out some of the latest action pics taken on the Trucha Fly Fishing Machine II.

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