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TRUCHA Fly Fishing Guide Service specializes in guided fly fishing (catch and release) on Crowley Lake, and other Eastern Sierra waters. Crowley Lake offers some of the best Stillwater fly fishing for trout (aka Trucha in Spanish) this side of the Southwest, and perhaps in the entire country. If you enjoy fishing, the outdoors, and our California Eastern Sierra, then you owe it to yourself to fly fish on Crowley Lake for “Trucha” that are healthy, athletic, and strong fighting fish. Fishing Guide, David Carranza, has been fishing the Eastern Sierras since early childhood, and Crowley Lake the past twenty years. David is an accomplished fly fisherman who has developed and perfected the Stillwater fly fishing techniques used on Crowley Lake. “I credit much of my fly fishing knowledge and skill to the number of countless hours and days spent on the water; and to a handful of renowned California western waters fly fishermen I‘ve had the pleasure of learning from. My love and passion for fly fishing, and desire to be one of the best, makes it a pleasure to teach and share the fly fishing experience. I will employ all my knowledge and experience to bring you the thrill and excitement of the fish bite (aka as “The Grab”), the battle, and landing of the fish to the net. I’ve had extensive experience teaching the Stillwater fly fishing method to all levels of experience; from first time anglers and novices, to intermediate and advanced anglers. Ladies and gentlemen, and young folks, do not feel intimidated about learning the sport of fly fishing. Fly fishing is not as difficult as it may appear”. I use my own quality tied flies, which include time tested patterns, and my own unique patterns. I am bilingual in the Spanish language so for all those Spanish speakers who love to fish, “Vamos a la pesca de mosca!”
 (Let’s go fly fishing!).

Battling a Crowley Lake fish on a fly rod is exciting, addicting, and a complete adrenaline rush! Book a trip now, and let’s capture some Kodak moments! Call or email Guide David Carranza at (805) 428-3781, or, to book a trip for the Trout fishing season, and get on the mailing list for regular fish reports. “I am residing on Crowley Lake full-time from May to the end of October, and I fish the lake extensively. Please feel free to contact me for up to date fish reports, weather forecasts, lodging information, etc.” Trucha Fly Fishing fever…Catch it !

  • Crowley Lake Fishing Report, October 9, 2019

    The fall season has settled in here in the Eastern Sierra. Another cold front and strong gusty winds expected today. The forecast is calling for calmer winds and colder temperatures for the remainder of the week.

  • Crowley Lake Fishing Report, September 28, 2019

    This past Monday was the first day of the fall season and currently a cold front has arrived with strong gusty winds and forecasts of snow, rain and very cold weather. Prior to the current cold front we enjoyed warm summer like days which allowed for all day fishing conditions. The fall colors of the aspens are already apparent in the surrounding Sierra landscape.

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